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Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is a method of transporting large quantities of products via cargo ship. Sea freight is the time consuming freight solution but the most cost efficient for your business once you have a good supply chain management for your inventory. Products are packed into containers, and these containers are loaded onto a vessel, where they will be sailed to their destination country.

We provide both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL):

Full Container Load (FCL)

C.L Cargo provides you the most competitive freight solution from any destination around the world with our promised scheduled. Our team are ready to support you from port to port, and door to door. We will optimize the best sea freight solution for your shipment. We are capable to handle all type of legal products/goods such as General Cargo, Dangerous Goods (DG), Frozen Goods and others.

Less than a container load (LCL)

is an additional service covered by GREAT FORWARD. LCL will allow you to minimize your ocean freight cost based on the actual volume you are shipping. We dedicate our time and effort for shipping our clients goods efficiently and cost saving. The volume will be evaluated upon the dimensions of the outer packaging of your goods in cubic meter.

Our dedicated team will console, pack and stuff your goods in the safest manner.



We provide flexible transport solutions both local and cross border to the nearby countries: Viet Nam, Thailand and Lao with various partners and networks...